About Us

About us

Scaale Advisory is the business and strategic advisory arm of Scaale Group which equips growth companies and start-ups with requisite tools such as a well-defined market entry strategy, a robust financial model aligned with the go-to-market strategy, extensive competitor analysis and scientific valuation using globally accepted methodologies such as discounted cash flow, multiples and risk-adjusted valuation techniques.

These insights eventually lead to exit focused strategies that enable productive discussions between entrepreneurs and potential investors or acquirers.

We bring in collective intelligence from senior management professionals, our global partners and funding of global companies across multiple industries and stages. This know-how helps our clients to introspect, understand the inherent value of their business and raise smart capital by having fruitful discussions with potential investors or acquirers.

How We Work?

Product and Service Offering

Market Research and Strategy

Relevant and Crisp Global Competition Analysis

Robust Financial Modelling and Valuation

Structuring Fund Raise/Acquisition Proposition

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